It’s rare to get a February day above freezing in Rochester, so when the forecast said 45 I jumped at the chance to fit a shoot in. I reached out to Tyler and we planned to shoot some .8 hoodies in a more natural setting, which is different than their promo photos so far.


Haruki started .8 a while ago, and has been making great headway with it. The goal is to donate to scholarships that bring other Japanese students over to study abroad. I love traveling and wish that I could have studied abroad, so I very much enjoyed lending a hand to help others have that experience.


Despite it being in the 40s, we were all freezing after half an hour in the wind. Ducking under the shelter of a tree and some straggling grapevines helped, but we quickly decided to call it a day. We stopped to grab this final shot on our way back to the car, and I really like the shadows in the ice. The group pose was their idea; what’s the point of dating someone if you don’t take every opportunity to tease your single friend?

Tyler | Haruki | Kayla | .8