Uncle Bob's Self Storage

I used to laugh at people who paid to store their stuff in a storage garage place like Uncle Bob’s Self Storage, but now I have become one of those people.

I have a lot of pictures. Most of them are large - Canon RAW files shot on DSLRs with 20+ megapixels. I have a 2T external hard drive, but I foolishly didn’t format it for Mac use, so now I have to launch Paragon every time I plug it in, and it doesn’t work quite as well as a formatted drive.

What I wanted to do was move all the files on the drive onto my computer, format the drive and then move them all back, but I don’t have space on my computer for that. Instead what I’m going to do is use a free 30 day trial of dropbox to store my files in the cloud, delete them off of the drive and then reformat the drive.

I can then move the files back onto the correctly formatted drive and uninstall Paragon.

I also want to rebuild my Lightroom catalogue and move all the photos still on my computer to the drive. I am most of the way done with that, which is encouraging.

The end goal will be to have a lot of free space on my computer that I can use for working on videos (maybe).

That’s it for now, wish me luck!

Why I Don't Write

Here are some theories about why I don’t write.

  1. I talk too much - I satisfy any urge I might have to communicate almost instantly, so I never feel a strong need to write

  2. I have too many creative hobbies - beyond the desire to communicate, I have no push to do any creative writing by the time I’m done with all the videos and photos and guitar and other stuff that I do

  3. I’m scared of the unknown - I don’t feel prepared to face what could happen if I became a writer

  4. I’m scared of failure - I wrap up my self worth in the work I do, and if I tried writing and failed it would be a heavy blow to my ego

This probably isn’t a comprehensive list but it’s a good place to start. Now that I have them listed, I can easily undermine each excuse:

  1. Talking with people often sparks creative ideas

  2. Having a wide skillset provides numerous topics to write about and gives me a great perspective to look for analogous models

  3. I crave change

  4. I don’t feel satisfied telling people I’m an analyst, so worst case scenario is that I go back to telling people that